C170600 Barn Owl – “Tyto” In Flight


This artwork depicts “TYTO” – a Common Barn Owl, rescued from a chick and hand-reared, in flight over the British countryside.

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The barn owl (Tyto alba) is the most widely distributed species of owl and one of the most widespread of all birds.

It is also referred to as the common barn owl, to distinguish it from other species in its family, Tytonidae, which forms one of the two main lineages of living owls, the other being the typical owls (Strigidae).

The barn owl is found almost everywhere in the world except polar and desert regions, Asia north of the Himalayas, most of Indonesia, and some Pacific islands.

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120 x 84 cm, 90 x 60 cm, 70 x 50 cm


Original Artwork, Linedrawing, Canvas Print


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