C170802 ASTON MARTIN Ulster “LM21” Nick Mason (1935)


1935 Aston Martin Ulster Works Team Car “LM21” (Reg. no: CMX601)

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Third series, 1 1/2litre Works Team Car, built to Le Mans specification for the 1935 Ulster Tourist Trophy race.

LM21 was the last Aston Martin to be built and directly overseen by A. C. BERTELLI and remains today one of the most sought after of all Aston Martins.

It forms part of the collection of Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), who is pictured driving LM21 at an AMOC event in 2009 at Silverstone.

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120 x 84 cm, 70 x 50 cm, 90 x 60 cm


Canvas Print, Linedrawing, Original Artwork


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