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About Ian Cunningham

Let me introduce myself - I trained as a photographer and over the last 42 years have been able to capture images of many different types of cars. I then became a commercial artist after starting to draw images of the cars that I loved. Nowadays, my speciality is original commissioned art paintings with my own unique style of capturing the feel of the subject and using this in the highly detailed artworks. When this subject is a car, for example, I create a life-like representation of the car itself for clients.

More recently, I have also started to create artworks of other subjects – such as road cars, motorbikes and aeroplanes. As well as this, subjects like people and pets have also recently been made into paintings. Over the last 32 years, I have exhibited paintings at major racing venues like Silverstone, Le Mans, the Goodwood Festival of Speed and many others. Along with this, there are examples of both my paintings and large form photography displayed at various motorsport events and circuits throughout the UK and rest of the world.


In this time, my clients have included BRDC and Carroll Shelby International. Limited editions of paintings (which are usually only 10-15 in number) have been signed by people such as Carroll Shelby, Sir Stirling Moss, Derek Bell, Matt Neal, Jason Plato, Daniel Riccardo, Guy Smith, John Surtees, Damon Hill and many more.

Recently, I was asked by a friend why I didn’t have a website. Not being able to give him a good reason as to why I didn’t led to the creation of this one.

Welcome to Ian Cunningham Art – I hope you enjoy the website as much as I have enjoyed creating the content.


Ian Cunningham.